Our team dedicates time to understanding the goals and objectives of your business and financial needs. We then embrace a solutions-oriented approach to serving your needs. Your best interests come first as we are committed to providing the financial resources necessary to help your business succeed.

Checking Accounts:

We offer different checking accounts for your business needs.  We also provide online account access with bill pay and integration with Quicken®, Quickbooks® and Microsoft Money®. Our professionals are always willing to assist you, providing you simplicity with ease of use and peace of mind.

Basic Business Checking:  Basic Business Checking is popular among small businesses looking for straightforward, uncomplicated checking.  It is designed for those businesses with nominal checking activity.

Business Checking: This account is designed to meet the needs of businesses with moderate checking activity.

Commercial Checking:  This account is designed for businesses with high volume checking account activity.  An Earnings Credit Allowance based on the investable balance will be used to partially or fully offset account charges.

Business with Interest:  Business entities, such as sole-propietors and non-profit organizations, can earn interest on their funds while enjoying check writing privileges.

Non-Profit Checking: Our bank supports community services by offering a special business checking account for non-profit, civic, professional and religious organizations. 

Business Money Market Investment: Earn attractive interest rates on your cash assets and still retain quick, easy access to your funds by check or transfer.  Check writing and regulatory requirements apply.

Overdraft Protection: Sign up for our overdraft protection service to save the cost of overdrawing your account by automatically transfering money from other Edison National Bank/Bank of the Islands accounts. 

Added Value Features: Make your business account work for you.  Ask one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives about:

                • 24 Hour Account Access (1-800-359-9034)
                • Mobile Banking
                • OnLine AnyTime Banking
                • Courier Service
                • Merchant Services
                • And a host of other features and services that can be structured for your benefit.


Cash Management:

Our bank's Cash Management suite of products and services will help you streamline and automate the tracking and payment of certain financial obligations.

Online Banking - Managing your finances has been made easier with on-line banking... and it's completely FREE! Take advantage of a safe and secure way to check your account balances, pay bills, and transfer funds.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) - Combine the advantage of ACH with the convenience of the Internet. We make originating direct deposit easier to manage than ever before.

Wire Transfers - Access domestic (U.S. only) wire transfer system directly to initiate repetitive or non-repetitive wires within the United States (U.S.).

Positive Pay - Our suite of services also includes "Positive Pay", an automated fraud detection tool used to verify the legitimacy of checks presented for payment.

Feel the security of knowing that you can establish individual and multi-user access levels in the cash management system.


Edison Remote Deposit:


Thomas A. Edison's famous words have inspired many innovative solutions over the years. Following his example, we are proud to introduce you to Edison Remote Deposit...banking at your convenience from your place of business. Edison Remote Deposit is an easy-to-use system that allows you to deposit checks electronically from your place of business, saving you time and the expense associated with daily check delivery. The technology is user-friendly and enhances your bookkeeping system by recording deposits and check images.


Customers, using a special scanner and software, can quickly and easily scan checks and transmit them to the bank for deposit. A bank representative will install the scanner and software at your place of business for you. We will train you and/or your employees to use the system. The equipment, which does require a PC with Internet access, is smaller than your desktop monitor and most printers.


Talk to one of our Office Managers for more information on this easy to use service.



Escrow Accounting:


A very convenient banking service designed exclusively for attorneys, property managers, title companies and other businesses that maintain escrow accounts.

An unlimited number of client sub-accounts can be opened under one master account removing the burden of opening a new account for every client.

The account offers a monthly statement which will include a summary of deposits, disbursements, balances and interest earned for each sub-account.

Year-End IRS interest reporting (1099's) will be provided for each sub-account.


Business Loans:

Our local, on-site decision making is not only the fastest, most efficient way to serve bank customers, -it is, quite simply, the best way. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges your business faces. Our relationship-focused business lenders will work hard to help you realize your goals. We're committed to providing the financial resources necessary to help your business succeed.

We offer:

                • Commercial Real Estate Loans
                • Business Lines of Credit
                • Commercial Loans

        Local decision making allows us to quickly respond to your needs.

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